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Quality strength
Variety of styles
Strict standard
Quality service
Factory direct supply, quality is guaranteed
Manufacture of various switches, rich industry experience
Every time the development of switch technology, the manufacture of every switch product, our efforts, so that our customers are satisfied with the use of our products.

We are committed to quality and cost-effective switch products. This is our company that specializes in research, development, production and sales of various electronic and electrical switches.
Towei Electrics meet your special needs
Variety of products, support product customization
The company mainly produces rotary switch, power switch, key switch, micro switch, boat switch, push button switch, tact switch and other series of electrical switch accessories.

Since the establishment of the company, we have consistently pursued the spirit of independent innovation and independent research and development, and we are constantly pursuing quality. This is our attitude.
Strict quality management system
Professional technology, quality products, won praise
Towei Electrics has excellent production technology, strict quality management system, control and control of each production process, and strive to create product quality.

After years of development and manufacturing experience, the company has formed a large-scale switch product manufacturing enterprise with complete production and testing equipment, which is trustworthy.
Perfect after-sales service system
When you have problems, call the hotline and respond quickly
With a professional customer service system, the whole process of caring service, free of your worries. Large warehouses and perfect logistics system ensure convenient transportation.

Professional attitude, quality service will give you peace of mind.

Customer Service Hotline:+86-0769-88972768/88972798
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  Shenzhen Tuowei Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and manufacture of various switches. The main products are rotary switches, power switches, key switches, micro switches, boat switches, button switches and other electrical accessories. Widely used in lighting, toys, fans, heaters, vacuum cleaners, massagers, audio-visual equipment and various electrical and electronic instruments.
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